Through innovation and market leading sustainable products we make ideas come to life, we drive progress for a better and more environmentally friendly world.

This can only be achieved through deep collaboration with our customers and stakeholders who share the vision for a better future.

Our products and innovative pipeline of new materials are more sustainable, purposeful, and circular to make the world a better place.

Many challenges lie ahead to be tackled in an evolving environment.

But we are confident that our deep knowledge and understanding of materials will shape the future in New Mobility, advanced Electrical & Electronics, and other industry verticals through the introduction of high performance, safe & light weight solutions.


  • Established in 2023, but with a combined heritage of over 100 years, Envalior is entering the market as a leading global engineering materials powerhouse offering novel and innovative solutions to today’s world
  • Envalior brings together two highly complementary established players in DSM Engineering Materials and LANXESS High Performance Materials.
  • We offer a uniquely positioned portfolio of longstanding material, application, and design expertise, creating real and meaningful value for our customers and the greater society

Co-developmentalong the Value Chain

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  • Envalior already has a portfolio of around 150 sustainable or bio-based & recycled grades.
  • A certified carbon footprint is available for most of the grades of Akulon®, Arnitel®, Arnite®, EcoPaXX®, ForTii®, Stanyl®, Xytron™ as well as for glass fibers.
  • Akulon® PA6 and Durethan® PA6 have lower carbon footprint levels than the current industry average (as determined by Plastics Europe and EcoInvent).
  • We have best-in-class products in our portfolio, talk to us.
  • Stanyl® B-MB (Bio-based mass balanced), with up to 100% bio-based content. This is an industry-first 100% bio-based high-temperature polyamide enabling to halve the carbon footprint compared to the fossil-based original.
  • Akulon® RePurposed made from recycled ocean-bound fishing nets used in Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series, Schneider Electric’s Merten Ocean plastics range and Ford Bronco.
  • Akulon® 100% bio-based B-MB polyamide 6 (PA6) material enables the launch of an entire
    Bugaboo stroller portfolio.
  • Lightweight technology significantly saves CO₂ emissions during production, use and at end of life.
  • In our plant in Antwerp, we have reduced nitrous oxide by 150.000 t CO₂e per year.
    Construction of second plant was started to save another 300,000 t CO₂e yearly.

An extensive bio-based and recycled-basedinnovation portfolio to close the loop

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